Santarella - Tyringham's Gingerbread House

March 04, 2016

Nestled in the small town of Tyringham, MA is Santarella- more affectionately known as The Gingerbread House.

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The first time I passed Santarella I did a double take. The architecture is truly that of another world. From the street, the Gingerbread House – which is the former studio of sculptor Henry Hudson Kitson, is the first thing one might notice. The house itself looks like it might have sprung from a fairy tale. It is the grounds, however, that truly capture the essence of this whimsical location.
Silo at Santarella From the silos (that you can rent) to the Colonial House (also rentable), through the meandering stream, over bridges, and around a small pond, the gardens, building interiors and outdoor space provide all one could hope for to create a memorable event. The plant life create a colorful backdrop and are carefully chosen to landscape for each season.

Denise Hoefer and Dennis Brandmeyer own Santarella and are kind and helpful hosts. They offer a bounty of resources and are the type of venue owners who you will find quietly dancing in the background as they make sure all is going well. They truly care about each event that is hosted on their beautiful property and work hard to make sure their clients are happy and taken care of. 

Santarella is the perfect venue for dreamers and those who believe in a little bit of magic. 

Nicole and Lee were the perfect couple to suit this magical space. Their wedding was the embodiment of culture, closeness, and family.