STD – the good kind

April 13, 2016

Save the Date

Receiving a Save the Date is like getting the first glimpse of a couple’s future wedding day. The design tells us a lot about the event and lets guests feel their presence is welcomed. It provides us with important details and information and also lures us into the party mood. Choosing the design of a Save the Date (STD, as I affectionately call them) coincides with the overall aesth etic decision making for your wedding. Colors are often chosen at this point, as well as general mood or feel of the type of party you will be throwing. It is because of this, that I often am surprised at how many couples settle with the cookie cutter templates of internet stationers. Companies such as Shutterfly and Tinyprints sell styles that may be “good enough” for the couple who isn’t looking for anything too unique. For those who want to truly establish the tone of their unique wedding, a cookie-cutter option just isn’t going to, well, cut it.

Save the Date

The Save the Date is unique in that it’s simple function is to make sure couples are available on the day of the wedding. Very little information is required which makes this piece of stationery a designer’s playground. One can be as creative as ever with the open-ended options of the Save the Date.Thinking inside the box during this initial process is a wasted opportunity to showcase the style and personality of the couple and their special day. When I work with couples on their STDs I encourage them to consider what they want to say to their guests and how they want to say it. Most couples want their wedding to stand out from the crowd. They want their guests to look forward to attending and be just as excited as the couple themselves. Designing a custom and creative STD is an important step in ensuring that guests look forward to the “specialness” of the special day.

Save the Date

STDs come in all shapes and sizes. A simple postcard with an engaging image is often a great way to shape the event. Pair that with a custom monogram or logotype and a couple is on their way to engaging their guests. When using a designer, the logo can be a consistent treatment on all printed materials - a luxury not available through online stationery printers.


Beyond the simple postcard, paper engineering provides a multitude of options for an innovative STD. I encourage my couples to consider using the basic card in an extraordinary way, i.e. pull-outs, hidden enclosures, accordian folds, etc. Some couples additional 3-D tokens such as bridge toll stubs, mini calendars, fridge magnets, bookmarks and simple notes to let the guests know their presence is important to the couple. Some of my favorite custom STDs have included an airplane flying a message, a pull-out Beatles inspired card, and scratch-offs.


The options for STDs are limitless, and being creative doesn’t always mean breaking the bank. Choosing stationery at the online printers is often more expensive than designing and printing locally. Want to fold and glue yourself? The job becomes even less expensive. Consider a creative STD for your wedding - message for a quote or to talk about your plans. We at Sundae Graphic Design and Photography would love to hear your ideas or share some of our own.

  Save the Date    Save the Date Save the Date

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