Photo Booths

June 21, 2016

Gone are the days when each table at a reception had it's own disposable film camera begging guests to leave their impressions for newlyweds. Developing those little throw-aways would yield fun and surprising photos of guests and many blurry shots that didn't quite make their focus. As a guest, I always enjoyed seeing disposables on the wedding tables and admit I would bogart them at any chance I got. I enjoyed capturing candid moments that the bridge and groom weren't able to witness. Replacing this custom in the digital age is the fun and interactive Photo Booth. 

Tucked into a 10' portion of your event space, our set-up includes a seamless backdrop and a two light system. One of our photographers captures photographs of guests as they try on fun and personalized props and their own expressive poses. Guests can view images on our client site days after your event to relive the memories.

Adding a Photo Booth to your event is a great way to capture photographs of all of your friends and family and offers guests another fun option when they need a break from the dance floor.

Many couples even send along their favorite Photo Booth shot of each guests along with their thank you card as an extra party favor!